Respite care supports you and your carer or family members by giving you both a break for a short period of time. It can help give you and your carer the time and space to do things independently.

We offer respite care at various locations. It can be in the form of short-term and medium-term accommodation. Respite care allows you to have a more healthy balance in your life which will allow you to take holidays, have days off and assist you to relieve stress. All these while still making sure that your loved one is getting the care that they need. We will provide them comprehensive care while under our care with qualified and experienced support workers so that you can have full confidence.

We understand every individual is different. We provide tailored care to your loved ones to meet their individual requirements. Support workers will engage your loved ones in various activities to promote their physical and mental health.

  • Physical exercise at tolerated approved by the physiotherapist.
  • Assistance with self-care activities
  • Housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Assist participants with their medical needs.
  • Comprehensive care under the guidance of experienced Registered Nurses and Physiotherapists.
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